Phase 1 ✅ Build the infrastructure

  • Complete construction of a highly configurable computer system to serve as the basis for rental services and consumer products

Phase 2 ✅ Launch Consumer Products

  • The applicable product is of a commercial nature. Ensure superiority, stable operation on zkAI infrastructure

  • The zkAI ecosystem interacts with the platform to create value and solve business use cases with AI services

Phase 3 📍 Community building cooperation

  • Complete decentralized AI platform that provides a sustainable economic model for the AI ecosystem

  • Connect people who are looking for AI solutions and data with those who can provide them. Provide technical basis and contract creation algorithm for lessors and lessors

Phase 4 🔜 Upgrade variants

  • zkAI exploits and leverages every new variant to diversify the AI ecosystem

  • Generate real profits for users and partners

  • Upgrade the zkAI ecosystem running on the ZkSync platform to create value and harness the power of Zero-knowledge (ZK-rollups)

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